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Parsing Question I've done parsing where you have one delimiter such as a comma or space. Example data: s Str(0) = "3/9" s Str(1) = "3/11 3/15-" s Str(2) = "3/8 3/12" s Str(3) = "3/9 3/15" s Str(4) = "3/8- 3/10 3/15" The strings above are Month/Day with some having an additional - or character next to it.These dates are extracted from Excel cells as strings.Xml Schema Collection xsc = new Xml Schema Collection(); xsc. Select Single Node("df: Test/df: Info/df: Information", mgr) as Xml Element; if (info ! FAQTs.com/ upgrade to 2.0.0114 from 1.31010Hi group, I plan to peform this upgrade in 10 days from now... HQ with 7 stores Any general words of advice, suggestions of steps to be taken that is not found in the published MS documentation.Add("x-schema: My Schema.xml", @"C:\My Schema.xml"); xsc. Add("x-schema: Test Schema.xml", @"C:\Test Schema.xml"); Xml Text Reader tr = new Xml Text Reader(@"C:\Test.xml"); Xml Validating Reader vr = new Xml Validating Reader(tr); vr. Thanks Frederic Hurlet Did it for 5 stores a few weeks ago and it is all pretty straightforward Only thing I will say to make sure is that if you have purchased any add-ons for RMS make sure you find out if you need to upgrade those too, most of them have to be "Frederic Hurlet" wrote: I plan to peform this upgrade...This can be really handy if you're pasting similar stuff lots of times. Thanks for the help James however I could be wrong. This is C:\Documents\Merle\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\my profile name\v9s3axxv.slt\Mail\account name.You ..#2 ..do i import my mail messages from out look express to outlook #2How do i transfer my address book from outlook express to outlook "cheryl" How do i transfer my address book from outlook express to outlook Your subject says Mail messages. ..board typing incorrect charactersmy Sony Vaio laptop has been typing strange characters when I try to type, even when you press backspace it prints some weird characters.can I fix it. I then comntinue with the import wizard and aways get the message "No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open.

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Questions: 1)How do I remove the faulty characters.....are always the first digit in the date if they are there. How can I switch off "Text to Columns" after using it? -- Shenan Stanley MS-MVP -- How To Ask Questions The S...

I need to break those strings down into individual dates.

So for s Str(4), I need to parse out "3/8", "3/10" and "3/15&... Does anyone know how to get a list from all the taskbar pinned programs and they order from VB.net? I had found an article to check if a certain program is pinned or not, and i know that pinned items are stored as ".lnk" in the users folder, but that does not help me to determine the order? On Dec 15, =A0pm, Christian Reizlein and they order from VB.net? Problem opening serialized file via Open command associated with file type I have an SDI MFC application that produces a serialized project file via CObject's serialization support.

Now I used the Show Scroll Bar(SB_BOTH, FALSE); hoping that it will disapper... When I go to type on a Word 7 document, an error message comes to the bottom of the screen and states, "the modification is not allowed because the selection is locked". It is a brand new computer and I am not smart when it comes to figuring out anything with computers! Either you have not activated the product (which is Word 2007, not 7) or the trial period has expired. Barnhill Microsoft MVP (Word) Words into Type Fairhope, Alabama USA "Chelsea" Ordering xml using xsl in c#Hi, I have a xml dataset I'd like to order, and save in that order.

But nothing worked as I expect ): So what the deal over here? BTW: When I used the Enable Scroll Bar() method it worked like a charm... I've written an xsl to do the transformation, but because the xml file has a xsd namespace, it doesn't work.The application can read the file from within the application just fine.The installer registers the program and the file extension properly and associates the file type with the application.I want to create SDI application to work with matix.