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08-Apr-2017 00:52

The worst thing about such sites is that all articles and blog posts are purely of commercial nature and has little or absolutely no informational value to the readers.

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You must be wondering why I am advising free blogs instead of private blogs. Information on such sites have mixed value , some are commercial intended articles, while there are many which are purely informational and personal too. Last updated on October 17th, 2016 at am Hello Guys, today I will discuss about all the big player of Seo software.

In nutshell, PBN is a set of websites where you or a certain set of users/webmasters/linkbuilders are allowed to publish blog posts, thus able to create backlinks for their / their client’s website.

Most PBN are built on expired, to give that extra credibility and link juice and maybe a bit of authority.

Seo software that will help you rank better in search Engines.

Software that will build link for you automatically.Google lately had realized that sites with the only intention of “made for profit” needs to be clamped down .This is a good start in the right direction I believe.When we say Private blog network, it means these are real domains and not public ones like tumblr, blogspot or similar.