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20-Apr-2017 12:09

You can come up with the most epic storyline of all time, but if the guys in the ring can't tell it right, or the fans aren't feeling it, it doesn't matter.

It takes in-ring chemistry between two rivals -- along with a great story, fan connection and a dash of an organic element -- to tell the best stories that wrestling is capable of producing.

While the rivalry was on the shorter side, we're getting the opportunity to revisit it heading into the 2017 Royal Rumble -- and I'm all for it.

For years, Styles was known as one of the best wrestlers in the world who wasn't in WWE, so it was a treat for fans when he was able to go toe-to-toe with the company's longtime top star. The duo matched wits on the microphone and created a compelling storyline that played out over a series of matches that culminated in Styles defeating Cena at Summer Slam and declaring himself "the face that runs the place," with the evidence to back it up.

When their careers are done and long afterward, this rivalry will be not only the best this year in all of wrestling but also the greatest rivalry in the history of women's wrestling. A certain sect of the WWE Universe has a tendency to resist a rivalry that is clearly being painted as the rivalry or the year before anything happens.

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What these two talented ladies accomplished this year opens up the door for so many exciting possibilities in women's wrestling in 2017 and beyond.

Banks and Flair have faced off one-on-one for the "Raw" women's championship on six occasions. But more than just being evenly matched, they competed in epic matches that elevated both themselves and women's wrestling.