Whos audrina patridge dating

28-Jul-2017 06:02

Surprising absolutely no one who decorated their walls with pictures of Justin Bobby during the aughts, the lion-maned pseudo-celebrity is currently peddling his haircare line and operating salons in California, NYC, and Nicaragua.After a slew of acting gigs, Kristin Cavallari settled down and had three kids.At the end of her character arc in Season 5, LC had tentatively made up with former BFF Heidi Montag, thanks to Heidi’s boyfriend Spencer Pratt’s telephone apology.In real life, Conrad later confessed that she actually “wasn’t on the other line” of Pratt’s phone call mea culpa.

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This is the down-to-earth, good-natured humility that has helped Lauren Conrad sell so many boho dresses at Kohl’s.

Luckily, Conrad’s dream was always to pursue a career in fashion—hence her short stint at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she made a friend, Heidi Montag, in textiles class. Present-day Lauren fondly remembers her on-television Teen Vogue interview, and how badly she wanted to land the job.