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Michelle spent her early years growing up at her grandparents’ motel in remote country north-west of Tamworth, before moving to Newcastle.“I had a country-ish upbringing, I was pretty much playing every sport I could get my hands on, ballet, I tried to do everything and my mum was always complaining, why do you have to do every sport known to man!

” she laughs.“From a very young age I learnt that I loved the competition and training, and I really enjoyed the discipline, commitment and team camaraderie as well.”At 14 years old, Michelle noticed fellow students weren’t participating in the weekly sports lessons and pitched teaching fitness classes to her school mistress.“I put together my mix tape, got my legwarmers out and took pieces from all of my training and sport, put it together like a circuit, and I thought, I was an absolute champion at this!

All of these layers have given us where we are at right now with an obesity epidemic,” she says.“We need to address it, people are dying, and our economy is being drained substantially because of illnesses that are majority related to our lifestyle choices, it’s crazy.”Hundreds of thousands of lives have been directly and indirectly changed by Michelle’s influence on the show, as well as through the 12WBT.“I feel that in a small way I’m making a difference, I think about my 12WBT changing a substantial amount of Australian lives which makes me very proud, but it makes me think, I’ve still got a long way to go and so much more to do.“On my program alone we are getting close to two million kilos lost and that’s a lot of weight, so it is possible to turn it around but I need help politically, from the fitness industry and from the food industry, there needs to be a real meeting of the minds to turn this tsunami around.”It’s this insight into our health issues at all levels that’s motivated Michelle to make a career out of guiding people to wellness, coupled with her intense ambition to create business success, now juggling her fitness empire with a newborn.

But forget the standard tips of implementing exercise into your day for professional success; Michelle outlines a message when it comes to providing motivation for business people.“My biggest thing is I want to get in their heads – what do you they want to achieve?

I was obsessed with it and when I saw the female trainer (Jillian Michaels) I thought, I can do that job!

I didn’t realise they were going to have an Australian version, I got a call from the casting agents at Channel 10,” she says.

A trailblazer who earned the crown of ‘fit queen’ years before Instagram-famous ‘fitspo’ identities filled our screens, Michelle has broken two Guinness World Records, helped Australians through her online weight loss programs, published 10 books, developed a vitamins and supplements range and created a fitness apparel range.

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It’s this new side to Michelle – first-time mum at 44, that has garnered particularly heightened attention.“It’s a completely new chapter for me, it’s really exciting.

Michelle admits that weight loss is a very personal topic, especially played out to thousands of viewers, and in reality she’s the opposite to the trainer persona on the show.“Here I was able to really see some amazing transformations, I’d never really worked with morbidly or super obese people before, not to the extent of 200kg plus, so that was a really big, fast-track learning curve.

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Aug 17, 2012. So when meeting Michelle Bridges at a wholesome cafe within a. I'll text my girlfriend and complain about having to do sprint training and.… continue reading »

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