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16-Mar-2017 13:41

The move comes after anger at the announcement British passports would be produced by Franco-Dutch firm Gemalto when De La Rue’s contract ends in July.

The British firm said Gemalto was chosen only because it undercut the competition, but the UK company also admitted that it was not the cheapest choice in the tendering process.

You’ve clung on with the help of an abundance of charisma, but some people are wondering whether you shouldn’t follow them in the wake of another disappointing trading update, which has kicked the shares again. A: You take full responsibility for the failings of the business and resign.

It’s the only honourable course of action to take and it’s not as if you won’t soon be fielding calls about cushy non-executive directorships with fees that are generous enough to keep you in fancy open-necked shirts and trendy suits for a lifetime.

They still think it’s rubbish and continue to moan about full separation whenever they sit down with the watchdog.

Some of your executive colleagues have had to walk the plank.

Meanwhile some new jobs are going to be created for engineers and people who do stuff. BT has long looked like a lumbering, overly bureaucratic beast.

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At first he did not believe in Jesus and even challenged him and misunderstood his mission (Jn 7:2-5).As leader of the Jerusalem church, James wrote as pastor to instruct and encourage his dispersed people in the face of their difficulties (see essay, p. Characteristics that make the letter distinctive are: (1) its unmistakably Jewish nature; (2) its emphasis on vital Christianity, characterized by good deeds and a faith that works (genuine faith must and will be accompanied by a consistent lifestyle); (3) its simple organization; (4) its familiarity with Jesus' teachings preserved in the Sermon on the Mount (compare 2:5 with Mt 5:3; -12 with Mt -20; with Mt 5:9; 5:2-3 with Mt -20; with Mt -37); (5) its similarity to OT wisdom writings such as Proverbs (see essay, p. Here’s today’s first question: you are the chief executive of BT. Your shares have behaved like relegation-haunted Stoke City, whose matches you now won’t be screening through a TV rights deal that was a rare high point.Flybe said it cancelled 994 flights in the three months to 31 March, compared to 372 in the same period last year.

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The deadline to award a contract to make blue British passports after Brexit has been extended by two weeks following a request by bidder De La Rue.

Your Openreach broadband arm makes the rest of the industry furious because they rely on it and think it’s rubbish.