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Apart from his daughter, Lisa Marie - who'd come for a holiday and who he would lead around the grounds on a pony - he saw only his closest aides, his doctor and his girlfriend, Ginger, to whom he gave another new sports car.His next short tour was due to begin in Portland, Maine, on August 16. But he made little effort to reduce his weight, other than playing a little racquetball on his Graceland court.With the truth about to emerge, he felt betrayed, afraid of how his fans would react.The book, which was due to be published in August, obsessed him.Despite everything he'd done to himself, Elvis Presley was still a proud man.He loved his fans, and he must have hated them seeing him in that state.But then, soon boring of the game, he sat at a piano and sang a couple of gospel tunes.The last song he ever sang was Willie Nelson's Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.

His longterm girlfriend, Linda Thompson, who had cared most for him after his wife Priscilla had left him in 1971, once remarked that they had sex 'maybe once a year'.

He then sent one of his aides, who worked a 24-hour shift system for him, to an allnight hospital pharmacy with a prescription.

A couple of hours later, in the middle of the night and still awake, he asked Rick Stanley, his step-brother by Vernon's second marriage and now an employee, if he would like to play racquetball.

Here, in the final part, Connolly reveals how his bingeing on food and drugs finally took its toll in the summer of 1977...

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By 1977, Elvis Presley's behaviour was more than erratic, it was sometimes that of a madman.Years of drug abuse had not only wrecked his body, blowing him up to the 'Singing Cheeseburger' of mocking legend; it was also driving him insane. Here was a man who, plagued by his lifetime's insomnia, would wander around the hotel while on tour, like a bat in pyjamas looking for somewhere to cling, sometimes even climbing into bed with a member of his crew and his wife until they talked him to sleep.Here was a man who would clip a police light to the roof of his Mercedes, put on a police uniform, and with a flashlight and truncheon drive out on to the roads of Tennessee and flash down other motorists who he thought were driving too fast.Now 42, and accompanied by a Memphis beauty queen girlfriend, 21-year-old Ginger Alden, following a long line of local glamour girls including actress Cybill Shepherd, the tragedy of his life didn't have much longer to be played out.