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“Very mature, responsible.” Torre credits Jeter’s parents for a psychological grounding that sounds simple, but isn’t. “I think the nickname came from the first time he went off to school and he had his little briefcase and he was all dressed up in a little suit.” The first book from Jeter Publishing is called The Contract, and it’s a lightly fictionalized account of the eight-point bargain that young Derek signed (No. Jeter is still in many ways that self-­serious kid, though he’s now full of adult opinions.

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A children’s book comes out September 23, followed in October by Jeter Unfiltered, a collection of evocative, documentary-­style off-field photographs by Christopher Anderson—and a significant departure for the privacy-conscious icon. In a media landscape where stars are increasingly taking ownership of the means of production—Oprah Winfrey rose from talk-show host to media conglomerate, Dr. “She puts him through some pain,” says photographer Christopher Anderson, who captured the intimate moments with Jeter included numbers rank with those of baseball’s all-time greats: the sixth-most hits, the five championship rings, the 19th-highest offensive WAR.It’s a steamy Saturday morning, and Jeter is standing in the first-floor dining room of the brick 1830s West Village townhouse he’s renting. He’s wearing a gray, maize, and blue University of Michigan T-shirt in anticipation of his beloved Wolverines’ football game tonight against Notre Dame.At 40, he is ancient for a major leaguer, but up close he is leaner than he appears in uniform.And yet, despite being on our television sets seven months a year for the past 20 years, despite the regular appearances at charity events and a social life that seems to have included dating three-quarters of the Maxim Hot 100, he’s always felt just out of reach, available for all to adore but somehow still protected by an impenetrable, cannily constructed bubble of privacy.

Opening the door to his home is a hint of a looming shift in Jeter’s life, and in Jeter, Inc. It’s his latest stop on a cross-country farewell tour celebrating not just Jeter’s Hall of Fame–caliber playing career but his humility and rectitude off the field.

Dre went from producer to music mogul, and Beyoncé runs a management company—one option for Jeter is an ambitious media play. “We’ll go up, so we won’t bother you.” With that, we’re climbing the stairs, dark-brown wood with black steel railings, past a colorful painting of Miles Davis, one of the few visible decorative touches. Then there’s the surplus of dramatic plays in high-pressure situations, including a crushing leadoff home run to doom the Mets in the 2000 World Series and the game-saving “flip” of a wild throw in the 2001 playoffs against Oakland.

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