Who is dating miranda cosgrove

04-Mar-2017 13:36

The little girl also makes rude comments and uses foul language on Instagram and You Tube, which she’s been known for doing since 2015.This was also one of the reasons why her accounts were taken down several times before. You need to be at least 13-years-old to have an Instagram account, and that’s why there were many people who reported her photos, videos, and eventually the account itself.When she said she moved bricks to become rich, did she mean selling drugs or moving a brick in the literal sense; we are unsure—because again, she is nine!Since she is just a child, we are not even sure she knows what “moving bricks” really means, but this persona she puts on is making people cringe.Still, Lil Tay, whose parents are nowhere to be seen, comes out on social media, curses her “haters” and shows off her home, clothes, watches, and jewelry.In one video, the little girl even brags about her bathroom while she said, “my toilet costs more than your rent!Her Instagram page may have a limited amount of pictures as of now, but she still has over 400k followers!The self-proclaimed “multi-millionaire” says she owns a sports car worth 0,000 and wants her haters to know that she earned it. Also Read: Danielle Bregoli Gets Her Hands On Woah Vicky!

She was none other than Lil Tay, who claims Miranda Cosgrove manages her.

She is even playing herself out to be Miranda Cosgrove and Lil Pump’s fantasized love child!