Who is chelsea handler dating 2016 is brandy dating florida

07-Jul-2017 10:08

According to , an eyewitness spotted Handler and Flay eating dinner at Blue Plate Oysterette, located in Santa Monica, California.

While the outing might have just been a casual get together between two friends, the witness reported that things got a little personal between the two.

He was the one you believe you'll eventually find your way back to because, at 23, your brain is exploding with the struggle to accept that not all things happen for a reason. Knees shaking, I called him on a phone number whose last four digits I've used as the code to every safe in every hotel room I've stayed in since we met.

I told him I was shooting a documentary about marriage, why people do it, and how I've never wanted to get married—until, at the tender age of 40, I finally feel ready, now that I have no viable options.

Peter seemed surprisingly open to the idea but needed reassurance that I wasn't going to make fun of him on camera—a theme, for some reason, that keeps reintroducing itself into my romantic relationships. It's supremely awkward seeing someone you used to have a lot of sex with for the first time in almost two decades.

It's embarrassing sitting three feet away from your ex, trying to discern whether he's wondering how badly you've aged—or, more specifically, if you look fatter than you did at 23. He told me that I was a menace—that I would drink more than him and his friends combined, and then get up at 7 a.m. He said that I was opinionated and loved a good fight, and that I could get anyone to open up.

"If I'd married Chelsea, I'd be divorced with two kids."Ironically, that was the exact predicament I found him in.

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In fact, the only ex I ever considered myself to be on speaking terms with is the one person with whom I'd gone the longest without speaking: Peter. He was a tall, handsome British guy who would come into the Los Angeles restaurant where I waited tables and flirt with me.His recollection, I soon found out, was that I forced myself on him and wouldn't give up until he agreed to be my boyfriend.We were together for two and a half years, and then we weren't.But then I recognized the feeling as something sadder: that I didn't, and wouldn't ever, love him again.

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