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The right moment for him to spill his words of bitterness.He resembled a beautiful serpent, delicate and quiet, yet ready to spray his venom at any given moment.Released during what was probably the band’s finest moment in their musical career, their second studio album was home to some of the best songs the band have ever released.From the devastatingly emotive album artwork to the heart-wrenchingly distraught lyrics (most notably in ‘My Sweet Prince’, which is said to have been inspired by a former girlfriend of Molko’s who had committed suicide), the album is dripping in a darkness that stems from something much deeper than your average “emo” (a category which many now lump the band into) band might produce. v=-w PRVQrru VY And since releasing that record more than ten years ago, the band have gone on to release four more spine-tinglingly stunning albums.entered the stage at a sold-out Train in Aarhus, to give a speech (see below) and close down and leave two tracks later.It was the first concert on the global tour that is put together in connection with the band’s 20 years anniversary.Sure, if you’re a cynic, you can discount the results and look at it as a street team attack by the band’s most dedicated fans, but you can’t deny that this feat proves that Placebo are still relevant, and that I’m not the only one out there who still gives a shit about them.

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That was the last time he would say that to anyone, he decided. I’m no stranger to occasionally belting some Aaron Carter classics… Brian Molko once said that Placebo are a band “for outsiders, by outsiders” and that their gigs are “like conventions of outcasts”.While I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself an outsider or an outcast (then again, who does? They don’t really fit into any particular musical pigeonhole. But not like New York Dolls-we-all-wear-heels-and-women’s-clothes glam (OK, well, Brian Molko used to be a bit of that kind of glam).Eventually, the tour manager comes on and pulls him off the stage. In short: Brian Molko started babbling through the second track on their set-list, seemed out of place, and eventually, sat down and gave a weird speech to the audience before he was pulled off stage.

Hopefully, he will be alright soon, as Aarhus was the first concert on their tour, which includes gigs in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm the next couple of days.Więcej informacji, łącznie z informacjami o dostępnych opcjach kontroli, znajdziesz w dokumencie : Zasady stosowania plików cookie.Brian's dark curls were splayed below his head, his shiny lip gloss illuminating in the faint light that the bedside light provided.Naked skin seemed honey tinted under the sweet glow, his ice cold eyes fixed on his burning cigarette.