Web service reference not updating dating a kiwi

04-Jul-2017 15:49

I have a webservice on my local pc and I am adding a refernce to it on a cleint application.

It picks up the reference but when I change something on the web service and then update the reference on the client it doesn't reflect thae change.

SDQuery contains the constructor of the proxy: we can set the web service URL, time out and more… Choose your suitable solution by your the web services characteristics and your product demands.

SDQuery Handelr.cs: If you aren’t building the web service you can remove stage 1 and just use the existing WSDL by adding to your web service URL the suffix: ? So that’s all for now d-: facebook Hi all In this post I’ll discuss the problems and solutions regarding an assembly or web site containing a web reference (using a web service) to a web service that had its schema modified and updating web reference is needed.

The Problem You have an assembly or web site containing a Web Reference and the web service schema is modified.

The possible modification result will be: the framework deserialization of XML throws an exception only in case of a mismatch of types in the inner XML.

However, after adding the service reference and making changes, I am unable to update the service reference.

I have a solution with 2 projects, a Webservice and a Client application. I have added a new Public Class (Below) to the web service.I have a solution that has a WCF service project, and a client project.I can successfully add the service reference by discovering the service within the solution.Any ideas why the Update would literally stop working over night? I have a solution with 2 projects, a Webservice and a Client application. I have added a new Public Class (Below) to the web service. It's from 2004, but it might help: -- Dave Sexton "i Ki LL" Hi all, I am using C# on VS2005. If i change on of the Web Methodes (Remove an argument) and then up date the Web reference. this problem seems to be limeted to only public classes. ink "Dave Sexton" Hi, Check out the following thread.

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