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The author has painted his fool hoodlums with a bold and unerring brush. " " But you'll serve me an' like it, " Dillon said. Especially if you're private eye Dave Fenner, the man who busted the notorious Blandish case.We feel this is without doubt a masterpiece in this new and modern style of writing. But by the time Dave had been beaten half to death and been forced to shoot his way out of a load of very unhealthy situations, he realised that chivalry - even if it was paid for in hard cash - was no way to stay alive...From the first to the last page the ruthlessness of an inhuman killer is set down with stark realism.Here indeed we have an excellent example of what a slick, fast-moving and tough - really tough - novel should be. George said, his face hostile, " We don't serve water here. " BIG TROUBLE When a curvaceous, beautiful girl walks into your office, strips, and offers you a ,000 retainer to help her out of the trouble she's in, it's hard to refuse.James Hadley Chase has now firmly established himself as the writer of the toughest novels of America's underworld.This breathtaking book is a nightmare tale of the life and death of Dillon, American gangster.THE WORLD IN MY POCKET COME EASY - GO EASY A LOTUS FOR MISS QUON JUST ANOTHER SUCKER I WOULD RATHER STAY POOR A COFFIN FROM HONG KONG ONE BRIGHT SUMMER MORNING TELL IT TO THE BIRDS THE SOFT CENTRE BELIEVED VIOLENT THE WHIFF OF MONEY THE VULTURE IS A PATIENT BIRD LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD THERE'S A HIPPIE ON THE HIGHWAY WANT TO STAY ALIVE ? THREE OF SPADES GOLDFISH HAVE NO HIDING PLACE BELIEVE THIS...AN ACE UP MY SLEEVE JUST A MATTER OF TIME YOU'RE DEAD WITHOUT MONEY HAVE A CHANGE OF SCENE KNOCK, KNOCK ! YOU'LL BELIEVE ANYTHING THE JOKER IN THE PACK DO ME A FAVOUR - DROP DEAD MY LAUGH COMES LAST I HOLD THE FOUR ACES MEET MARK GIRLAND CONSIDER YOURSELF DEAD A CAN OF WORMS YOU MUST BE KIDDING YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN TRY THIS ONE FOR SIZE HAND ME A FIG-LEAF HAVE A NICE NIGHT WE'LL SHARE A DOUBLE FUNERAL NOT MY THING HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS MEET HELGA ROLFE; the cops were still looking for her three months after the ransom had been paid.

Many big names were shareholders in the business, including the Commissioner of Police. " His small spidery fingers continued to caress her throat. " The look of his eyes chilled her and she pulled herself close to him, burying her face against the soft leather of his jerkin. But he didn't know Eve, otherwise he'd have realised that he was just another fly stumbling into the deadly web of a woman who was beautiful to look at ; but lethal to love...

Instantly, he started firing before his brain telegraphed to his hand.

One of the men tossed up his hands and fell forward, but the other ducked out of sight - now more determined than ever to see Dillon dead.

Shotgun Spratling took in four of the five games before rushing back to Los Angeles to catch the rubber match of the North Carolina/UCLA series on Sunday.

He gives his observations from the games, along with photos and also interviews with six of the eight coaches: FILED UNDER A. Bogucki, ACC, Big West, Cal State Fullerton, Coby Kauhaahaa, Dan O'Brien, Daniel Rosica, Eric Valenzuela, J. Bukauskas, Jake Hirabayashi, Jason Morgan, John Gavin, John Savage, Johnny York, Josh Vargas, Michael Hearne, Mik Aoki, Mike Fox, Mikey Diekroeger, Nick Meservey, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Pac-12, Rick Vanderhook, Ricky Sanchez, Ruben Cardenas, Santa Clara, Seattle, St.

And the kidnappers, Riley and his gang, had disappeared into thin air.