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16-Feb-2017 15:16

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I love taking the quizzes that crop up in my newsfeed online. Written by top lifestyle experts, Vixen Daily’s articles cover all aspects of love, diet, fitness, beauty, inspiration, and success.

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According to Vixen Daily’s official mission statement, “Our goal is to engage with our audience in a sincere and meaningful way, and together create a community of shared positive expectations and encouragement.” The team seeks to guide women through dating challenges, dieting efforts, and other daily issues.

in 20, and appeared on Mastermind, choosing the American television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer as her specialist subject.

Ryan wrote questions for the pilot episode of The Chase in 2009.

Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, Vixen Daily’s Love section is a great place to get some savvy pointers about matters of the heart.

The female-friendly website goes beyond generic advice to provide detailed assessments of particular dating situations and types of daters.The Short Version: Tired of reading the typical cookie-cutter advice on the web? This industrious media outlet was founded to provide women with relevant and accurate content about relationships, love, beauty, success, fitness, and other issues that impact daily life.The clickable headlines and shrewd quizzes are full of interesting insights into attracting a man, reading signals, staying healthy, and finding success in just about any area. Clearly I’m a tree-hugging hippy who’s always prepared. Vixen Daily quizzes delve into such important topics as a way of helping women better understand themselves and improve their lives in instrumental ways.Vixen Daily has written at length about relationships and the reasons why they do or don’t work.

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