Virgo woman dating a pisces man

25-Apr-2017 10:13

She can teach you how to set your own terms, Pisces.You both help each other to shed false humility, and embrace what you want. More specifically: Virgo follows educated faith, where Pisces exemplifies blind faith.

Sure, Virgo, you have tangible ways in which you both can meet each other needs and SHOW you care – but it takes blind faith to spell out your needs to one another (especially in long-term relationships – where needs change) in the first place, rather than hoping your partner will simply just guess or “know you” by now.Remember, you’re both Mutable: you will both go through phases where you seek to feel like you’ve got the right to experience your emotions without justifying them or search for consistency (in general, not just with your relationship).You just want to see your changes in how you react to old situations happen, and process them one by one.This is a basic quality you’ll find in almost every Virgo woman, which attracts men’s of all sun signs especially a Pisces.

A Pisces man on the other hand is full of emotions which entitle him as the most romantic person on earth. It is because of this trait that many Piscean guys are great achievers.To appreciate the best and genuinely good traits of our character, we also have to acknowledge we have a part in our own darkness. This is the classic biblical opposition of faith – the sign of in Pisces.Opposition is all about projection, and Virgo-Pisces are notorious for projecting each other’s fear onto each other by playing ‘who can be the biggest martyr’.Again, there is a big big potential for martyr complex here.

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