Validating a survey instrument

22-Jun-2017 07:53

The COCOA enabled alignment and phasing of the segments from millimeter-level errors down to the nanometer level. Predicting optical performance for the flight system relies on a sequence of incremental tests and analyses that has culminated with the cryogenic vacuum test of the integrated Optical Telescope Element (OTE) and Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) referred to as OTIS.This paper describes the COCOA, the test setup, the testing performed, and the performance of the COCOA in aligning the PM segments and measuring the final PM wavefront error. Smith, Taylor Chonis, Laura Coyle, Scott Acton, Ball Aerospace (United States); Scott O. Predicted performance using the incremental process will be presented. Smith, Mark Clampin, NASA Goddard Space Flight Ctr.The current estimated JWST performance metrics will be presented, such as the image quality, pointing stability, sensitivity, and stray light backgrounds.Optomechanical modeling of the optical telescope element and integrated science instrument module (OTIS) cryo-vacuum test for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Paper 10698-5 Time: AM - AM Author(s): Ryan G. Four specific applications are described – 1) simulation of ambient over-lighting conditions from clean room luminaires and photogrammetry flashes, 2) PSF image motion predictions in the presence of auto-collimating flat (ACF) actuation, 3) science instrument field illumination (“shadowgrams”) checking for unexpected vignetting, and 4) pupil alignment simulations of the Near Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph (NIRISS).

The complete system of JWST optical telescope and instruments, now called OTIS, recently went through an acoustic and vibration test campaign at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

We summarize the as-run test configuration and provide a top-level as-run timeline.

We also provide the top-level functional, optical, thermal, and operational results from the test.

The JWST telescope recently completed its cryogenic test program and the sunshield has been fully integrated and deployed.

(United States) The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a large (6.5 m) segmented aperture telescope equipped with near- and mid-infrared instruments (0.6-28 microns), all of which are passively cooled to ~40 K by a 5-layer sunshield while the mid-infrared instrument is actively cooled to 7 K.Thousand Oaks CA: Sage Publications, 1994, hardcover - A collection of 17 chapters around the topics: I. Stephen Guisinger, Professor at the School of Business, University of Texas at Dallas, who passed away at much too young an age.1: JWST I 2: JWST II 3: Missions 4: Probe Study Overviews Monday Plenary Session 5: Decadal Study Overviews: Joint Session with Conferences 1069 6: HABEX I 7: HABEX II Posters: Coronagraph Posters: Cube Sats Posters: EUCLID Posters: Exoplanets Posters: HABEX Posters: Instruments Posters: ISSA Posters: JWST Posters: LUVOIR Posters: LYNX Posters: Origins Tuesday Plenary Session 8: LUVOIR I 9: LUVOIR II 10: OST I 11: OST II Posters: Missions Posters: Observing Tools Posters: Science Posters: Small Sats Posters: Spitzer Posters: Technology Posters: WFIRST Wednesday Plenary Session 12: Technology I 13: Technology II 14: Technology III Thursday Plenary Session 15: Small Sats I 16: Small Sats II 17: In: Space Assembly 18: EUCLID 19: WFIRST I 20: WFIRST II 21: WFIRST III Plenary Talks The James Webb Space telescope: observatory status and preparations for launch (Conference Presentation) Paper 10698-1 Time: AM - AM Author(s): Michael W. JWST is currently in the final stages of the test program at the Observatory level.After this, the OTIS system was shipped to NASA JSC in Houston TX, where it was subjected to a 100 days lasting cryogenic vacuum test campaign that took place inside the legendary Thermal Chamber A. Smith, Andrew Rudeen, Kevin Babcock, Bruce Hardy, Allison Barto, Eric Coppock, Ball Aerospace (United States); Clinton R. (United States) The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) telescope’s secondary mirror and eighteen primary mirror segments are each actively controlled in rigid body position via six hexapod actuators.

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