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12-Mar-2017 12:27

Nonetheless, the C905 does have a solid line-up of familiar Sony Ericsson feature-phone applications, including music and video players, Google Maps software, a full web browser and an FM radio.

Chunky design The Sony Ericsson C905 is the first Cyber-shot sliderphone, and it's a solid, substantial design.

Blue glowing camera control icons on these, and also on the D-pad, represent hotkey options for camera functions.

The Cyber-shot camera user interface is easy to use, with the dedicated control keys offering fast access to certain functions, plus additional layers of settings to refine your shooting settings.

It's allied with the Google Maps application that's recently become a Sony Ericsson mid-tier staple feature, adding precise position finding to that very useful mapping, route finding and search application.

Google Maps is handy to get location-based info, but isn't a full Sat Nav set-up.

An in-built accelerometer automatically switches screen orientation in certain media functions to match how you're looking at the display.

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