Updating bulk data

03-Mar-2017 02:40

Their underlying foreign keys can be set to any admissible value. In VB, the Update All() method call requires Option Strict = ON either for the whole project or for the file that calls the method.

The collection navigation properties, if the types have such, cannot be set through Update All(). The first parameter of the lambda expression in Set holds the old value and the second one is the new value of the property.

Once committed the operation will invalidate parts of your Level 2 Cache (more information is available here). Save Changes() End If ' Define a query that is the source of the operation. The number of the Set calls depends on the number of the object's properties that you want to update.

In order to perform a bulk update operation, you can use the following workflow: Option Strict On Imports Telerik. Category Name = too Old Name) If too Old Category Is Nothing Then too Old Category = New Category() too Old Category. ' All matching elements will be affected by the Update All operation Dim query As IQueryable(Of Car) = context. The result from this query would be that the tag numbers of all cars produced before 1990 will be appended with "Old Reg".

You can update multiple contacts at once during an import.

This is the best way to make updates to your contacts' information.

If you're working with Highrise IDs in a program like Excel, be careful and make sure the IDs don't get mixed up.

The most common method of using imports to update records in bulk is to: All the steps for importing are outlined in How to import data into Insightly.

You can perform Update All() over both persistent and artificial types and can update the values of all properties from certain type for all of its objects. The provided value is considered during the execution of each command inside the operation.

The reference navigation properties can be set to one of the following: an existing entity instance, a new entity instance that is managed by an instance of the Open Access Context class or NULL. Value Due to limitations in VB the extension methods on objects need to be called as static methods. If one of the commands exceeds the timeout a backend specific exception is thrown and the transaction is rolled back.

Step 5 is when you can choose to update existing records during the import process.

The record ID is a number that's assigned by Insightly as each record is created.

You can delete any other fields that aren’t being used.

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