Updating a sony blu ray player

12-Mar-2017 18:32

In other words, firmware is classified as existing in the realm of true hardware and true software.

That means Dolby Vision sources such as Oppo's UDP-203 and UDP-205 Blu-ray players and the Apple TV aren't currently supported.On the negative side of the firmware update issue is the fact that the consumer has to have some understanding of how his/her components work and interact with other, and also what some of the "tech" jargon actually means.In addition, the consumer is required, in most cases, to know when they might need a firmware update.This is not as much of an issue for many tech-savvy consumers.

However, for average consumers, they just want their disc to play right the first time, and not hassle anything else.For instance, if you buy a Blu-ray disc title and it doesn't play in your player, is it a defective disc, or is it the lack of the proper firmware installed in the player?The user then needs to be able to know how to access the current firmware information on their device and has to go on the internet and search out whether a firmware update is needed and where to get it.The application of firmware in such products provides a basic operating system platform that allows the execution of complex instructions that enable the component to operate.