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12-Feb-2017 19:19

Their prefrontal cortex (the part responsible for decision making, risk taking, problem solving & knowing consequences of actions) is the last section of their brain to develop, which can still be under development until their early 20s.The result of this is they need your help to make healthy decisions, problem solve and understand the possible consequences of their actions.The risk of sexting turning into cyberbullying is also a consequence teenagers often fail to consider.You can help them see that something that started in a personal relationship can turn nasty once others are involved.Teach your kids what their digital footprint is and how difficult it is to alter this once their pictures are out there.Perhaps consider providing examples, a quick google will provide you with many real life examples.It is very common for children to find it difficult to consider the bigger picture of this type of behavior, and for parents to become very frustrated as the answers seem so clear.But the reason is that teenagers are working with brains still under construction.

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Again because of their brain development they find it difficult to understand the significance of this danger & are more vulnerable to grooming of predators.

Teenagers may need help to understand how they would feel if a picture is shared, such as humiliation, guilt, and depression.