Table not updating in open office pagdating ng mga hapones sa lansangan pilipinas

14-Jun-2017 02:02

Then uncheck the Align Right box, and add a small tab -- no more than two or three centimeters -- and click the All button to apply your changes to all levels of headings.

Now, when you generate the To C, the page numbers will be close to the entry, and you will have no need for dot leaders.

Most of the time, this position is so far from the To C entry it refers to that you can hardly see the relation between the page number and the entry, especially in a crowded To C.

The simplest way to eliminate any need for dot leaders is to change the tab setting.

If you want, all you need to do is click the OK button to generate the To C, but you can customize it in just about every way imaginable, so you might want to refresh your mind about the details before looking at these steps.

Even more importantly, keeping track of where you are in the document is nearly impossible.In the same way, an unusual background color is only going to call undue attention to itself and do nothing to make the To C more readable. In other words, the default To C is going to look much the same as the rest of your document. After all, common formatting shows that two pieces of text are related.However, some changes in formatting, such as a change in text size, may be practical.Just as dot leaders should be avoided because you can do without them, so should any other formatting that doesn't serve the purpose of helping readers use the To C.

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