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It can do all this plus countless more,but it cannot count the cost it takes to make us whole.

Money is the historical Phoenix perched high your blazer pocket,it can blaze a hole in that pocket, ever to be reborn in the seat of your soul.

And they called themselves “Believers.” The woman stepped carefully from the Greyhound bus, her right hand holding firmly on to the bar as she eased herself down.

A relieved sigh escaped from her lips once both feet were on level ground, the relief that she always felt when a simple task was negotiated without incident.

To those who have been forsaken, hell has no geography.

But these angels at last grew weary of roaming throughout the desolate world without an outlet for their rage and their despair.

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But in his arrogance and wrath, Immael allowed himself to be glimpsed for a moment in his true, blighted form.And it was said that when the mine reached its final depth, the lights carried by the miners flickered as though troubled by a breeze where no breeze could exist, and a great sighing was heard, as of souls released from their bondage.A stench of burning arose, and tunnels collapsed, trapping and killing those beneath.The other, called Immael, waged his own war upon the church and its leaders, the representatives upon the earth of the One who had banished his brother.

He gloried in fire and rape, and his shadow fell upon the sacking of monasteries and the burning of chapels.It can secure a possession,but it cannot possess security.It can mature in a convertible bond,but it cannot convert the self-serving to maturity.The lowest of them cowered in the depths, and there they created their own world in which to dwell.

In our single-sex squadrons, cleaning bathrooms, peeling vegetables, lumbering through obstacle courses. outside in his pajamas. Ignoring the growing… continue reading »

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John Connolly. The Black Angel. Louis had suggested that she was trying to get in touch with her inner lesbian. the combination of sex and drugs.… continue reading »

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But she’d been dating that wanker Riley. “I can’t believe I sullied myself. was a far more mature approach to relationships than some people.… continue reading »

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