Speed dating movie poster

15-Feb-2017 16:00

The Eddy Duchin Story (1956) Quad Tyrone Power * Kim Novak * Victoria Shaw * James Whitmore * Rex Thompson It's an old poster but it has an insane number of pin holes along every edge, mainly cropped out here but it must have had a hard life.

The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956) Quad Jock Hinchliffe Jane Russell * Richard Egan * Joan Leslie * Agnes Moorehead * Michael Pate Russell still wearing the Howard Hughes bra by the look of it and making Hawaii a happier place for US servicemen before Pearl Harbor spoils the party.

The Three Faces of Eve (1957) Quad Tom Chantrell Joanne Woodward * David Wayne * Lee J Cobb * Nunnally Johnson 3 girls in one, like dating triplets except only one of them puts out. Although this is a photo montage, the is credited with being Tom Chantrell's work.

The Wayward Bus (1957) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell Joan Collins * Jayne Mansfield * Dan Dailey * Rick Jason * Betty Lou Keim * Delores Michaels * Larry Keating Mansfield clearly sporting the photo-finish in a Zeppelin race look of the 50's nosecone bra.

It's got a good picture of Olivia De Havilland with an eye patch, argh, but nothing to do with pirates..

Teenage Rebel (1956) Quad Ginger Rogers * Michael Rennie * Betty Lou Keim * Warren Berlinger * Diane Jergens B&W parent and teenager angst from the 50's.

The Many Loves of Hilda Crane (1956) Quad Art: Jock Hinchliffe Jean Simmons * Guy Madison * Jean Pierre Aumont * Judith Evelyn * Evelyn Varden * Peggy Knudsen * Greg Palmer Jean Simmons having a bit of a lie down.Nah, it's the emotional kind, love and obsession amongst those laugh a minute Victorians.Doctor Zhivago (1965) Quad Art: Howard Terpning Omar Sharif * Julie Christie * Geraldine Chaplin * Tom Courtney * Alec Guinness * Siobhan Mc Kenna * Ralph Richardson * Rod Steiger * Rita Tushingham My 1st release (I think) Doctor Zhivago is pretty beaten up, missing bits around the edges which I admit I photoshopped back in for this pic.Hot Spell (1958) Quad Shirley Booth * Anthony Quinn * Shirley Mac Laine * Earl Holliman Uninspiring art but then again it's another free one, it was actually used as packaging for a much nicer poster that was sent to me.

Return to Peyton Place (1961) Quad Signature Tom Chantrell Carol Lynley * Jeff Chandler * Eleanor Parker * Mary Astor * Robert Sterling * Luciana Paluzzi * Brett Halsey * Gunnar Hellstrom * Tuesday Weld From books, to movies to a TV series that was the original suburban sin soap.

East of Eden (1955) Quad rerelease Julie Harris * James Dean * Raymond Massey * Burl Ives * Richard Davalos * Jo Van Fleet Looks like a contemporary reissue and companion to Rebel Without A Cause to me, don't know from which year though.