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He attended meetings at the Baptist Church in Sydney, performed marriages and held bible study classes in a small meeting house which he built in front of his home at the corner of Charlotte and Pitt Streets.

At a 1963 meeting, he complained that the ice hockey team was not given trips because they were not world class, yet could never become competitive unless they had overseas matches.Stop waiting for the perfect person to come and sweep you off your feet – Speed Dating is hottest new way to meet people! in which Australia's only ever ice hockey team was soundly defeated, there was debate about the trade-off between selection standards and participation.Edgar Tanner, a member of the Australian delegations to six Olympiads (1952-76), said A quarter of a century earlier, Kennedy had left Australia at age 21 to train overseas, and that led to his selection as the sole member of the first Australian Winter Olympic team a few years later in 1936.

He had also played for Birmingham Maple Leafs IHC during those years, at a time when the Club was part of the biggest amateur league in the world, and won the English League Championship.Mighty Roos were relegated from Division I to Division IIA in 2012, narrowly missing the opportunity for qualification for the 2014 Games at Sochi, Russia.JIM KENDALL WAS BORN ON FRIDAY 13th, IN DECEMBER 1889 at Sydney, Nova Scotia, the only son of Ida Burchell (1862 – 1909) and Lieutenant Colonel Dr Henry Ernest Kendall MD (1864 – 1949), who became Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia in 1942.Many became local and International coaches and judges.