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11-Apr-2017 10:50

Most schools rush in the fall, though some do so in the spring.

The rush process involves several rounds and can last anywhere from a couple of days to a whole week depending on the size of the university and the number of women going through recruitment.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that NPC and Interfraternity Conference (IFC, the male counterpart to NPC) groups began accepting nonwhite members, and many groups held out long after that before admitting any black students.

Even today, there remains some debate about the degree to which discriminatory practices still exist, and there are Greek chapters that continue to perpetuate hate.

For those who are used to in-group status, or who seek in-group status after being denied it earlier in their teens, Greek life promises not just a sense of self, but a sense of belonging.

The earliest women’s collegiate organizations, which would later become the Greek-lettered groups we know today, began forming in the early 1850s as a reaction to women being barred from the secret societies founded by their male peers.

College is an opportunity to start anew — away from the watchful eyes of parents, from friends who knew you back when, from the reputation that stuck to you for the past decade or so.

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When they tell you, “We’ve been waiting for you all summer,” they aren’t exaggerating.

Sorority pins were historically worn to signify membership, and sisters weren’t supposed to place any other pins above them.