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30-Jan-2017 01:42

If you wait more than 13 months after your product’s expiry date, you no longer qualify for a renewal.If you want continued support at that time, you will have to repurchase the product.If you renewed your product from Intel via the International Software Partners (ISP) store, contact them directly: Email: [email protected]: 1-800-599-4285 If you cannot resolve the issue directly with your reseller or the ISP store, contact Intel Support, either via the Online Service Center or visit our Startup Support Forum.Serial numbers appear in the order in which they have been registered.You can also purchase a license renewal via the Intel® Software Manager. If you do, you will have to reapply for a new license. We currently offer free 30-day evaluation licenses for many of our software products.You can choose to evaluate another product or purchase the product and receive a full year of updates, upgrades, and priority customer support.Intel offers different license renewal options based on your support expiration date.Depending on when your support expires, you could be eligible for a Pre-Expiry or a Post-Expiry renewal.

If you purchased or renewed your product from a reseller, contact your reseller directly.

The renewal license takes effect from the support expiration date of the original license that was renewed by the new license and extends support for one year.

For pre-expiry renewal this would add one year to the current expiration date.

You will need to purchase a renewal when your support expires.

It is highly recommended that you register all the serial numbers you have purchased so that they all appear in your registered products list.Note: Your email domain name must match that of the person who registered the original serial number. One has to satisfy certain requirements in order to qualify for free products.If you purchased a commercial or academic license from a reseller, you can contact the reseller and purchase a renewal for your product, or visit the online software store. If you are an Educator, Student, Researcher or an Open Source Contributor, find out if you qualify for free software.The standard renewal process requires that the original and renewal products be exactly the same, including the license type (amed-user or floating with the same number of seats).