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24-Jun-2017 20:33

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But just as Web 2.0 is simply Web 1.0 that works, the idea has come around again.

Those push concepts have now reappeared as APIs, apps, and the smartphone.

This architecture — not the specific applications built on top of it — is the revolution.

Today the content you see in your browser — largely HTML data delivered via the http protocol on port 80 — accounts for less than a quarter of the traffic on the Internet ... The applications that account for more of the Internet's traffic include peer-to-peer file transfers, email, company VPNs, the machine-to-machine communications of APIs, Skype calls, And the shift is only accelerating. The story of industrial revolutions, after all, is a story of battles over control. Uniform and open gauge standards helped the industry boom and created an explosion of competitors — in 1920, there were 186 major railroads in the US.

Not only is Facebook more than just another Web site, Milner says, but with 500 million users it's "the largest Web site there has ever been, so large that it is not a Web site at all."According to Compete, a Web analytics company, the top 10 Web sites accounted for 31 percent of US pageviews in 2001, 40 percent in 2006, and about 75 percent in 2010. "In theory you can have a few very successful individuals controlling hundreds of millions of people.

And Michael Wolff explains why the new breed of media titan is forsaking the Web for more promising (and profitable) pastures.

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