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03-Apr-2017 05:19

Upon the cleanup, we found a rather large rock in the middle of the toppled pile. I noted that one tree in the woods by the orchard was shaking profusely. He went out the door and returned back about 10 seconds later and said he saw something over by Dxx’s tree house in the orchard. He got a rock click response from creek bottom near his tree stand. Another howl could be heard about 30 seconds later in the same area.(If a person would hold their hands in a ball formation, hold your hands about 6 inches apart. His first reaction to the sight was that he was seeing things and he looked back that way again and it was gone. We were in the process of cutting a train through a section of the property for 4-wheelers for a few days.

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It is a VERY STRONG smell of wet dog and rotten garbage.

I came back into the house and told my wife what I had heard.