Sim dating game for kids

13-Jun-2017 11:44

Edit: Also, the Visual Novel Database is your friend if you are starting at ground zero and are looking for recommendations.Here are dating sims listed by ranking and just visual novels in general, again listed by ranking.In a writing sense I mean, they sure blew up after that first one, and the production quality was so much higher.

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I'll look into Sakura Wars: So long my love for the wii and Majikoi, but I'm not gonna bother with stuff that's not entirely translated in either a fan or official capacity.

Love is Strange kinda makes me laugh, I did play and like Life is Strange alright, but it's pretty funny that someone wrote a fanfic VN about just the girls going to the school, including the murder victim it seems. Steins; Gate might be cool, I loved the anime adaptation of that too.

I suppose it's entirely the same plot but with alternate routes for all the girls Okabe has to help out after he messes up the timeline?

I only have limited experience with these titles, didn't finish them, but they are highly regarded and easily available on Steam or other official channels.

And again Sakura Wars: So Long My Love and Majikoi are very good (and Majikoi's fan translation is complete).I don't have a ton of experience with visual novels, but I have zero with the stats type.In that case you may want to try The Fruit of Grisaia, Muv-Luv, or maybe ef.For visual novels I really would recommend Katawa Shoujo, the "disability girls" game.

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