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Next It doesn’t matter if you were a 90s kid, odds are if you’re a fan of Hollywood, you remember the 90s (but it obviously helps to have been around then). The stars were glamorous, talented to boot, the music was catchy and, for the most part, the actors and performers that entertained us throughout the 90s withstood the test of time.

Who can forget Andrea Barber’s character on Full House? Titanic, the Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, the Silence of the Lambs, Clueless and everyone’s favorite hero, Forrest Gump. So much so, that we all at times become nostalgic to a decade long gone, which is why we should also thank 21st century technology for helping us with our 90s craving.

She has won multiple Grammy Awards, and a star on both Canada and Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2004, Twain retired from music and moved to Switzerland.

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After Full House, Andrea retired from acting to go back to ‘normal life’.

Her exotic features, sweet demeanor, and excellent acting chops won over fans all over the world.