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10-Jun-2017 03:40

Female protesters in the June demonstrations were subjected to many forms of sexual violence and intimidation.

One female student and protest organizer said “the security members and police men unzipped their pants in front of us on street while we protesting outside Khartoum University".

They lived in the Sudanese security detention, completely isolated from the outside world.

One of the released women detainees said “ they were trying to break us psychologically by this inhuman treatment, we couldn’t even go to the bathrooms when we needed to: animals can, we couldn’t.”For six weeks the Sudanese students, lawyers, doctors, women and activists demonstrated against the Sudanese government policies.

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They held training sessions on peace and non-violence, in addition to human rights and women rights awareness workshops.

The protests started by Khartoum female students on June 16th and spread throughout the country, and while the first spark was the government austerity measures and high prices, the protests kept growing in number and demands.