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The robot is expected to go into production soon, and sell for about ,700, designed for the men who want a little more than just a giant fleshlight that talks every now and again. The robotic embodiment of hedonism, Hedonismbot's existence focuses on self-indulgence of the most decadent order.

Next, you need Pandorabots, a web hosting service whereupon you can store aiml files and which allows you to easily create code for your bot. These are often gut instincts of the therapist reflecting back to the patient why they behaved as they had for so long.I have been experimenting with the development of a therapy bot in collaboration with computer scientist and three-time Loebner Prize winner Dr. The Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence is an award for the most human-like computer.Within the following text I have included a link to my therapy bot, Feelbetter, which although somewhat primitive will give you a sense of how a robot can respond as a live therapist might, as it recognizes what you, the person seeking help, say to it.As I write the scripts I am mindful to include my experience, my philosophy of life, my interest in the philosophy of mind, my knowledge of how the human self can become broken and how it can also be mended, how people can be hurt, and how human beings tend to react. So far this by itself would seem impossible to program.

The programming of my bot becomes not so much an exercise in guessing as it does a kind of educated anticipation. There is this struggle that I've had--that the key is not to anticipate what the patient will say, or what their problem is--but rather to reverse engineer what I do on a daily basis as a psychiatrist--that's my task as botmaster. Feelbetter: It’s like you’re a latter day Socrates or something. But we try nevertheless to squeeze these recognitions and insights into AIML.

Instead the cyber doctor sits in a leather chair on a cloud--the kind of office you will never have to scramble to get to on time.