Sex dating in potter valley california

22-Jul-2017 14:05

Pascal's books may have centered on boys and bras, but they tackled issues like date rape, drugs, and divorce.

In Sweet Valley Confidential, a prominent figure comes out as gay.

"There were many superficial things about them, but when it came right down to it, readers were getting my politics, my ethics, my morals," Pascal says.

"And I wanted these girls to drive the action."Sweet Valley has always been about creating an illusion—girls that were just a little too perfect, a little too rich, with flawless complexions and perfectly straight teeth (no braces or Clearasil here).

Although her name was featured on each cover as "creator," she hired a team of ghostwriters to turn her outlines into chapters, while she could work on more "serious" subject matter.

"There were times I didn't want to be defined by this," says the mother of three, who has written a number of adult novels, but never with the same commercial success.

"Little did I know, this would be my career, the thing I'd be remembered for."Ironically, Pascal had never set foot in California when she birthed her Valley dolls.

The correct and consistent use of male latex condoms can reduce the risk of STD transmission, including HIV infection.Now 27, the girls are estranged—Jessica is living with her fiancé in the impeccably glossy Sweet Valley, California, while Elizabeth is on her own in a shoebox-size Manhattan apartment, working as a writer.The girls still look identical, down to the parts in their shoulder-length blond hair.The same themes are there, too—friendship, tension, boys, sex.

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