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Like Jason and Crystalina, we spend a lot of time talking to young people about this issue. We hope that you'll open your heart and mind to what we have to share with you. Although we've used the word abstinence in this book and have encouraged you to abstain from premarital sex, we actually prefer the term chastity when talking about sexual morality.And we pray that you'll discover like Jason and Crystalina how much happier you'll be, regardless of past mistakes, if from this point forward you save God's beautiful gift of sexual intimacy (in all its forms) for the committed love relationship of marriage. Abstinence is about what you do: lead a positive lifestyle that respects self and others.Just then, another guy who was standing close enough to overhear this whole conversation blurted out in a loud voice, It would TICK ME OFF!Jason's audience erupted in laughter at this, but they got his point: You don't want your husband or wife to be sexually intimate with anyone but you.Some of your friends will say, 'What, are you than us now? But when you stand on the altar, nobody will be laughing. Jesus is waiting, with open, merciful arms, to forgive you; just ask.When they finished their talk, the audience gave them a standing ovation. And ask the Blessed Mother who loves you with a mother's tender love to help you in every area of your life.People with a religious vocation for example, priests, brothers, and nuns take a vow of celibacy.

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They deliver this message to thousands of young people from junior high through college every year. Jason began the presentation by saying: In high school, my question was always, How far can I go with this girl? To bring this point home, Jason shared the following story.

When we heard her speak to a standing-room audience of teens and parents, she said: Chastity is good news. A 17-year-old girl at an inner-city high school in Washington, D.

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