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15-Feb-2017 01:21

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(Note: In current North American practice, the terms "Self-Compacting Concrete" and "Self-Consolidating Concrete" are synonymous.) SCC is a highly workable concrete that can flow through densely reinforced or geometrically complex structural elements under its own weight and adequately fill voids without segregation or excessive bleeding without the need for vibration to consolidate it.

The workability of SCC is higher than the highest class of workability associated with normal high performance concrete typically used in precast/prestressed concrete fabrication plants.

This summary report presents an overview of the contents of the PCI committee report on Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC).

The full document has been distributed to PCI member producers and is also available for purchase.

Because of this style of flow, the surface finish between the form and the concrete can be exceptionally smooth, creating a much-improved form finish over conventional concrete.

To take advantage of the properties of SCC, new production considerations come into play.

Professor Hajime Okamura (University of Tokyo, now Kochi Institute of Technology) originally advocated SCC in February 1986 and the first success with the material was in 1988.

The ability of concrete to flow around and through reinforcement under only the energy of its own weight (without vibration) without creating blockage is referred to as the passing ability of the mix.

SCC is a high performance concrete in the plastic state.

SCC is an innovative type of concrete that is now being utilized by the precast/prestressed concrete industry.

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