Sedating a pet

25-Jan-2017 16:36

Although most dogs travel by air without problems, some need sedation, which increases the risk of complications.When your dog rides in a plane’s cargo hold, no one can monitor the effects of sedatives.“This makes animals more susceptible to stress and cold, both of which are in abundance in the air cargo holds.I ask the [owners] consider carefully if their pet needs a tranquilizer or if they are conditioned to being in their crate and are comfortable there.”Preconditioned animals usually have no need for drugs, Lukasik says.Make sure there is plenty of room for your pet to stand up fully and lie down inside.Containers come in various shapes, sizes and styles and include secured drinking cups so your pet can stay hydrated during the journey.Have any of you ever used benadryl for it's sedative qualities in your rats? Do you think the drive is going to be stressful enough to warrant sedation?If you do mean for the euth, that is something the vet, not you, will do. Basically, I would like her to be as calm as possible (if not already asleep) when the euthanasia begins.

I do not want her last moments to be stressful for her.Some containers are already fitted with protective kennel mats which can absorb liquids and odours, but you may have to purchase this item separately.Getting your pet comfortable with their container is the best thing you can do to calm their nerves (and your own! Put their favourite toy or a comfort item such as an old shirt with your smell on it in the container and encourage them to sleep in it, explore it and become comfortable with it at home.High altitudes can create respiratory or cardiovascular problems in sedated dogs.

The Schaumburg, Ill.-based American Veterinary Medical Association agrees.My vets have always used gas beforehand to anesthetize and then the euth injection, though I have been curious about trying the injectable/oral sedation instead. That would act as a pre-anesthetic, but that mix is typically used IM and stings upon administration.We only use that where I work to sedate fractious/dangerous animals before the sodium pentobarbital injection.Most vets do not recommend sedating your pet prior to travel and airlines may not accept a sedated animal.