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05-Jul-2017 11:23

It will present our history in our interests, not in the interests of Europeans.

It will clarify our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity and our collective ownership of this whole continent.

European squatters are today stealing not just our land, they are stealing the wealth of our oil, our forests, our farmland and all of our other resources.

Our people and the world have an obligation to know this of monstrous history of European savage behavior.

Europeans on our continent also have an obligation to know of the savage crimes of their ancestors on our continent.

We are told that we should "get over it and move on".

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That's easy for modern day Europeans to say when they are still benefiting from the crimes of their ancestors.They are also stealing our honor, our dignity, and our sense of being one Anahuac independent nation.We have a human right to exist as a people who are independent from European control of our lives, our continent, and our wealth.They want to own our continent, without the threat that we may grow the courage to take it back one day.

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