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That is something you should ask Liberty if you are considering them.I am starting to see more negative reviews on review sites, but there are also positive ones.I get the impression that Liberty has had trouble managing their growth and customer service is now lacking, and bill payment has been poor for several members.The firm they use to get additional discounts, Claims Delegate Services, told a member that it could take a year to get billing settled.I wish they had an extra sharing program that the other 3 have.Liberty updated their guidelines regarding births: “Medical expenses for a newborn, including congenital birth defects, and/or complications at the time of delivery, including, but not limited to, premature birth, are treated as a separate incident, subject to the applicable Annual Unshared Amount.” That is a very good update compared to their older policy.This change means that Samaritan Classic is a few dollars cheaper than Liberty Plus (middle plan).

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I’m sure that’s not the case for everyone, and it may be just a timing delay.

New, unrelated cancers are shared right away, even if you had a different cancer previously. Months 25-36 (year 3) sharing of another k (total of k) Starting month 37 no longer considered pre-existing.