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Einhard's Annales record a council at Frankfurt in 822 attended by legates from "orientalium Sclavorum, id est Abodritorum, Soraborum, Wiltzorum, Beheimorum, Marvanorum, Prdenecentorum et in Pannonia residentium Avarum".The Polanian state was formed in the first half of the 9th century in the area where the towns of Gniezno and Poznan were founded, with the Gopleani (in the Goplo region) and the Lendizi developing as its two political entities.

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It is probable that her second marriage was arranged in accordance with the Magyar tradition that the oldest male relative should marry the widow of a deceased relative (originally polygamously) and take care of his children. In 965, Prince Mieszko formed an alliance with Boleslav I Duke of Bohemia, confirmed by his marriage to the latter's daughter, the new queen influencing her husband's baptism at Easter 966 and being instrumental in the start of Poland's conversion to Christianity.

Adelajda's birth date range is estimated from the supposed dates of birth of her two sons by her first husband (before his death in [976/78]) and of her three known daughters by her second marriage after [985].