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There are two primary apps that every Play Station gamer should have on their phone, and we’ll go into the details on each of them below.Note that there are additional apps such as the Remote Play app for Sony Xperia phones and the Play Station Communities app, but we’ll be primarily talking about the dedicated Play Station app and the Play Station Messages app.From the friends list you can also add new friends, which makes it really easy to add someone on the go, instead of having to remember to do it on your PS4 when you get home.This is a feature that I’ve personally used a number of times as I meet new people to game with.Sorry folks, your kids are never completely safe online, you have to stay vigilant and keep an eye on what’s happening on every device – including the Xbox.While the kids are playing their favourite Xbox game, did you know they can trading text messages too?More troubling is the recent rise in messages being sent – unsolicited – to Xbox users.

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For many, the most important of these is making sure that your kids are using child accounts which you have control over.