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During this journey, I had the opportunity to speak with Her Majesty Queen Noor at her palace in Aqaba.

After reading her book and meeting with her, the impression I was left with was her profound sense of love for the people of Jordan and her late husband King Hussein.

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Standing in a lovely flowing white kaftan on the patio, Her Majesty Queen Noor appeared as if she had a light surrounding her, embodying grace and beauty.She grew up in the Kennedy era, which she referred to "as a time of personal activism." Her father spent a large portion of his professional life in public service, which had an enormous influence on her.She revealed that when King Hussein proposed to her she didn't feel like a queen, but was honored by the opportunity to be of service to Jordan and beyond as his partner.Please leave the gold-digger pejoratives out (unless referring to Ms.

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Deng) as much as possible- as has been pointed out, many of these women are very wealthy in their own right, or have inherited wealth- and even if they didn't, it may not necessarily point to a trade of money for looks.

On the surface her story seems the stuff of fairytales -- a beautiful young woman meets and falls in love with a dashing, adventurous and powerful king.