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In telephone surveillance records shared by other countries, "we can clearly hear that criminals are discussing amongst themselves, ' Where shall we bring the women?' [They think] Sweden is not a good country because the clients are afraid, you have to move women around, you can't send them to the streets, and there are no brothels." All of that would mean traffickers make less money from each woman and need more time to make it.And though the numbers are a little loose, he thinks the legislation has worked."There's still a lot of demand, a lot of clients, of course, but at the same time, I would say the situation is better here than in many other countries."That's especially true, many Swedish government officials say, if you look at figures for sex trafficking."This is really difficult for people around the world to understand," said Olga Persson, the secretary general of the Swedish Association of Women's Shelters and Young Women's Empowerment Centers."I can see that in the eyes of people when you talk about it."Persson believes this arrangement protects women, challenges gender stereotypes, and puts society on a path toward reducing violence against women.Sweden's national criminal statistics paint a less positive picture than the government evaluation.The number of sex buyers has been going up since 2008 — increasing from 187 in 2008 and hitting a peak of 1,251 in 2010 before falling again, in 20, to around 550.

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But these wild variations make it difficult to know with confidence what the real number of men buying sex may be.

And outside Sweden, health organizations and even some human rights organizations wonder if the Swedes actually have it all wrong.

There has not been any independent review of the Swedish legislation, but a 2010 government evaluation of the law cast it in glowing terms.

There, two middle-aged women with short skirts, long blonde hair, and light puffer jackets emerge and stroll slowly toward the water.

When they run into a young man, they light cigarettes and chat him up. In Sweden, all that chatting could make the young man a criminal.But were more men buying sex in spite of the law — or were more men getting caught buying sex?Kajsa Wahlberg, the national rapporteur on human trafficking, said the rise in buyer numbers came after the government increased funding to target traffickers, and the prostitution enforcement arm of the police benefited from some of that money.But not everyone — not even every Swedish feminist — agrees the Nordic model is the answer.

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