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My view is just the opposite: no one should be allowed to work on an application unless they've spent a day observing a few end users.

(Whatever you do, at least promise me this: Don't just implement feature requests from "user representatives" or "business analysts." The most common way to get usability wrong is to listen to what users . You must prototype the requirements quickly and show users something concrete to find out what they really need.) All that said, there are still plenty of general guidelines for application UIs — so many, in fact, that we have a hard time cramming the most important into our two-day course.

We're seeing this again this year, in the studies we're conducting to update our course on Fundamental Guidelines for Web Usability.

(The linked article includes screenshots of offending scroll controls.) Some of the world's best interaction designers have refined the standard look-and-feel of GUI controls over 30 years, supported by thousands of user-testing hours.

Unfortunately, this screen element was not a button at all, but rather a non-clickable heading.

He was the only user to test this site because he encountered it during a task in which users could choose a site to visit (usually from a search listing).

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If Jakob's Law is "users spend most of their time on websites," then Jakob's Second Law is even more critical: "Users have several thousand times more experience with standard GUI controls than with any individual new design." Users will most likely fail if you deviate from expectations on something as basic as the controls to operate a UI.

Any of these three mistakes will doom your app, and yet I still can't tell you what to do. For each domain and user category, these questions have specific and very different answers.

Windows 10 upgrade th2 1511.10582 woes include deleted apps, system hangs, a disaster. But it's actually an upgrade that replaces your Windows 10 installation with a newer. The number of issues that this step can fix will surprise you. error message, you'll wonder why Microsoft even bothered to put it there.… continue reading »

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