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With bigger guys people naturally assume they’re assholes. I’ve filled it all in but it used to be really bad. By the time I was 13, 14 I was 6’4″ and 135, 155 pounds. Because it’s New York City, there’s a lot of boys, and being attractive was not something I was used to. He was like, “I want you to pay attention to things like that.” Did you tell your parents what you do? I told my mother, my sister, and a couple of cousins immediately. My mom’s nickname was Muscles when she was going up. Mom knows I’ll always be okay, so when she found out about this she definitely had questions because she’s a very curious lady. That’s not just someone saying you’re attractive, it doesn’t get any more real than that compliment. What validates me is my mother, my sister, my best friend that calls me almost every day.

Your head looks bigger, your nose looks bigger, your ears stick out. So when everybody else is running around at 5’2″, and I’m 6’2″ that kind of was the different. I was just the one who got noticed because I was so tall and then of course 2 more inches gradually came after that. I’d say about 26, 27, it started slowing down a little and I started gradually gaining weight. I’d say by 27 I might have gotten up to 170, and then 27, 28 it was 190 or so. Your body kind of handles that by itself to a point. I don’t think I necessarily noticed it but I did develop a problem. You learn a lot from an uncle that does all that kind of karate stuff. So I’m picturing a kind of — no offense meant — a higher class Hatfields and Mc Coys-ish kind of clan. He was very nice, but he wasn’t the one that made me want to stay. I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten a better compliment in my entire life. I was like “Absolutely not, it’s probably the nicest thing anybody’s ever not said to me.” He was like “Really? So it ended up validating your self-image more than what people consider normal — just sleeping around? It was just a compliment that someone found me that attractive. My long-term relationships have been 12 years and 2 years. The people that tell me that no matter what happens, because this life, or Austin Wolf if he were real, his popularity is real short lived. I think we get older and have to come to terms with — you know what, none of this is real.

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Austin Wolf has an exit plan, but he won’t give me many details. “Life has a way of happening whether you want it to or not.

I haven’t gotten Brad Pitt or any of the good ones. That’s something that I’m able to do that others are not able to do.

Over dinner — the first of three he’s scheduled to eat tonight — we talk at length about the unusual childhood moments that made him a better escort, why sex work doesn’t pose a threat to his sex addiction issues, his relationship with porn star Tyler Wolf, and that oft-commented-upon belly-button tattoo.

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And generally I feel like most kids do this on the basis of getting that attention, and there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that. So about two years straight, every single day, sometimes two to three times a day, I went to meetings for sex addiction, and then I also saw a therapist to help me figure out why was I doing this. I love my friends as much as I love my family and I realized that I was neglecting them and what they would tell me after the fact is that, “We hated going out with you because as soon as we got out you were just looking for the next piece of whatever. The day I went to the meeting it was really interesting because people were talking about their individual problems and most people just had a small individual problems like, “I go to video booths,” or “I masturbate too much.” Or “I jump into relationships and it’s all I ever do.” Or – “Grindr” Yeah.

He wasn’t giving me a choice and when I went to the meeting I figured out within ten minutes of sitting there that I had been doing some pretty horrible things to the people around me and I didn’t really realize what was going on. As long as you’re not a complete and total asshole you just automatically start realizing that you don’t want to do this. And after that if they don’t want to read all four of them, they don’t have to. I was going to put my ad up for a couple of months to get my bills paid, and then I was going to get another job. But just know that if you think anybody could be good at it, take your best shot. Just because it was being thrown at me from every single direction and I was reaching out and grabbing it. Write a nice email, send a letter, leave a voicemail, send a text. After that I put a lot of work into it, and then when I started doing this work I thought it might be a bit of a problem, but you know it’s not, because none of the appointments are about me. They want to feel what I feel every day waking up, for a short period of time. It’s really easy to sit back and say these things when you’ve never done it, and that’s all I would say to anybody that would want to make a comment about me being delusional, do you want to come to an appointment, because I promise you one appointment and you’ll have a whole new outlook on what I do for a living. But I guess the reason I don’t feel like I’m delusional is that I may have gone through all of those things, but they weren’t in vein. I was not planning on doing this for an extended period of time. I don’t know, if there’s some cynical people that frown upon that too. He’s very sexy, but the market is just oversaturated. Did you worry about when you got together, how you would suddenly become this other entity — the porn power couple? Well, his outlook on things is a little different than mine and you know he likes some of that stuff that goes on that I don’t even know about. Check out his previous columns in the Fisting For Compliments Archive.