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What happens when the Edward, Alice and Emmett move into the neighborhood. She never thought she would get a response back from Iraq, much less fall in love with a man in combat boots. Edward Cullen a 32 yr old Pediatric Neurologist, also a Dom living in Seattle.Bella Swan a 23yr old Corporate Attorney living in NYC.. and Bella s just in need.a meddling Pixie bring these two together..Trying to cancel a date Alice set up for her she misdials and ends up talking to someone else. A chance encounter with a stranger on the ferry is the spark that sets off a chain of events. EXB R&R OCC Copward,daddyward One bored night, Bella goes online and stumbles across an American's soldier's profile.Rated 'P' for potty mouth Bella X Edward All human REPOSTBella, Rose and Jasper are lifelong friends and are starting their Senior year. By the time Bella realizes what's happening, is it too late to change her mind? On a whim she decides to write Sergeant Masen a letter. I have the current obsession of all things Twilight. I also have a regular tumblr for all of my Rob Porn and other types of porn (Stephen Amell is another hottie who frequents my tumblr..sigh): h t t p : / / tufano1979 (dot) tumblr (dot) com /Also, I finally buckled and started a blog... are on TWCS, AO3 and Fiction Pad in their entirety. TWCS: h t t p : / / www (dot) twcslibrary (dot) net / viewuser (dot) php ?

Bella Swan is a vampire before she moves to the small town of Forks. Can Bella survive this new world & can Edward overcome his prejudices? She lives in a life without the love she so desperately searches for. Bella Swan, the shy freshman at the Univ of Wash, catches his eye. I wanted that file ten minutes ago, on my desk, it's outside my door, are you blind!A vision turns Edward and the rest of the Cullens' world upside down. AH M-rated for violence, content, language AU, Bella x Edward, Bella was taken by James and held captive for weeks. Who was her mysterious savior and what is the cause of her new powers?How is Bella the key to save them and the rest of the world? Dark Themes.* Updated and revised June2018*Competitive figure skater Bella Swan meets NHL hockey player Edward Cullen. Can he help her find the strength to take the ice again? Will she find the answers she needs in her new home in Forks?BDSM & lemons Bella is a senior in highschool who is not like other girls.

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She is overweight and is chastised about it all the time. Will he turn her life around or just hurt her like everone else?

Bella and Jacob remain friends as Bella marries Edward and faces the threats and problems that the Denalis, Victoria and Aro bring into their family REPOST Bella has a hard time forgetting the past. *UPDATE 10/8/15: Chapter 37: "Tranquil" has been posted.