Outlook 2016 search folders not updating

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If you work offline, whether by choice or due to a connection problem, your data is still available to you instantly wherever you are.If a connection from your computer to the server running Exchange isn't available, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 switches to Trying to connect or Disconnected.If the connection is restored, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 automatically switches back to Connected or Connected (Headers).Any changes you make while a connection to the server isn't available are synchronized automatically when a connection is available.The body and any associated attachments are downloaded only when requested by you, or as necessary for synchronization with personal digital assistants (PDAs), auto archiving, and some client-side rules.In a slower connection environment, the Offline Address Book is also not automatically updated.By default, 12 months of your email is available offline, but you can control how much mail is kept offline.Top of page Shared folders include Exchange Public Folders, Share Point folders, or another person's Exchange folders when you’re using Delegate Access.

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You cannot use Cached Exchange Mode with a POP or IMAP account.You can continue to work while changes are synchronized.Top of page When data is optimized for an Exchange connection type, the type of items that are synchronized with your server mailbox are different.By default, when Cached Exchange Mode is turned on, a local copy of shared folders is downloaded to your computer.