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I wish they would mark the rocks back by us instead.Very surprised more people haven’t hit them, not realizing they’re there.We have cottages up there and I love the area so I truly enjoy seeing the lake whenever I’d like when I don’t have the good fortune to be up there. Setsuko and I returned to Osaka/Nara, Japan safely. Must have 2-year contract which is ok, but the good part is you can turn it off for up to 6 months of the year. Be aware though, the 2 year contract is 24 months of “on” so it s really like a 4 year contract. We’ve kind of gone by the guideline that the ice is usually off by, or around, tax day.They also offer internet, but it was like a month and could not be turned off for winter. I guess I needn’t rush there from CO to get the lawn raked just yet.These images are updated every 15-minutes 24 hours a day.I had posted on here about 3 years ago looking for an internet service at are place on the lake that could be turned off for 6 months of the year like our Dish service can be.

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We’ve had some pretty chilly winter temperatures here in Oklahoma but we’ll be sure to prepare ourselves for the much colder weather we’re seeing on the Trump Lake webcams. I have a kid sister in Oregon City who checks the cameras every day. I have spent all my time going to funerals, all my ol’ working buddies and cousins are checking out on me. Today, I just got the cameras in their heated winter box.Thanks Andy Reply Hello Andy, I was hoping someone would give an update answer.All I know is that Century Link is installing all new fiber optic cable right now and that Packerland Cable is coming to Trump Lake. Reply I have replaced three lake cameras with Foscam F19803P Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras.Let me know if you find a better price for internet, I would be interested. Reply My husband Dan and I will be in Wabeno from February 14-18th visiting Tim and Connie Friesen and “the gang” from the Bistro. I knew your aunt and uncle owned it before my folks. 🙁 I still so enjoy the cameras Jerry, and really appreciate your effort, and the assistance you get from others, to keep them up and running!