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3 4 The manuscripts belonging to the three collections were transferred in 13ii0 to the charge of Mr.

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There are no Triennial Catalogues for Malayalam and Kanarese manuscripts. Desceiptivb Catalogue of Sanskbit Man^xjsobipts ix the Gov ERSf MENT Oriental Manuscripts Libbaey.

An Alphabetical title index cf Sanskrit manuscripts has now been compiled in two volumes.

The Library now possesses manuscripts and printed books in the several languages of South India as detailed below : — Manuscripts. An Alphabetical title index of works in respect of the Sanskrit manuscripts has Ijeen a long-felt want, as these have to be searched for in the forty and odd volumes already print^.

From 1830, the collection was in the hands of the Madras Literary Society. Brown of the Midras Civil Service found in the India House Library a collection of manuscripts in Tamil, Telugu and Kanarese characters belonging CO Dr. In 1847 it was retransferred to its permanent home, the College Library at Madras. On completing the cataloguing of the East India House collection, Mr.

The whole of the books and tracts in the languages of southern India and the inscriptions were lodged in the Madras College Library in 1828. The collection was transferred to the Madras Literary Society in 1844 and Mr. 33 of the Journal of the Literary Society for 1847.

William Taylor prepared, under the orders of the Government of Madras and with the sanction of the Court of Directors of the East India Company, a catalogue of the Mackenzie collection which formed the third volume of “ A Catalogue Raisonnee of oriental manuscripts in the Library of the College, Fort St. With the consent of the Honourable Court of the East India Company, the Government appointed Mr. Taylor, a distinguished orientalist in 1853 to publish a Catalogue Raisoimee of the contents of the East India House and Brown’s collections similar in character to Professor Wilson’s catalogue of the Mackenzie manuscripts.