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The Pennsylvania-German Society 38s The Pennsylvania Federation of Historical So- cieties 383s. The Chester County Historical Society 430- Annals of Iowa 477 The General Council Historical Society 478^ The Moravian Historical Society 574. Mt Heemet 279 An Historic Pilgrimage Along Mountain By- Ways 3,6 Pioneer Home Life 323 \) The Urderground Railroad Extracts From the Justice Docket of John Potts of Pottstown An Immigrant's Letter, 1734 Country Funerals and Mortuary Customs of Long Ago Aaturalization Paper of Adam Miller Four Hundred Miles Overland for Salome Heck- ervelder Pennsylvania-Dutch or German ? The New England Historical Genealogical So- ciety 333. Shelly 88 Chicago's Largest Lutheran Congregation 88 Himmclsbrief 217 Die .My first provisional certificate was granted by David Wills ; it is No. During my pedagogical career in Adams county, the county-superintendents were Messrs.Wills, Campbell, Mcllhen- ny, Ellis, Sheely and Thoman, tlie last- named being one of my former pupils. Et- tinger, Blair, Heiges, Boyd, Williams, Kain, Brfenneman, Gardner and Stine. S(|uire and Katrina 223, Marriage Superstitions 372 The Home: 37, 86, 134, 182, 228, 422, 466, 516, 563. Steamed Dumplings 182 Baked Dumplings 182' The Old Crepe Shawl 422 The Old Merry-Go-Round 422 Applebutter Boiling 516, Pennsylvania Historical Societies: Lancaster County Historical Society .85, ^33, 477, 575 Bucks County Historical Society "133, 287, 333 Lehigh County Historical Society 133.478,575 The Wyoming Society 191 The Schuylkill County Society 191, 33^ The York County Society 191, jj^ The Montgomery Society 191, 574: Historical Society of Frankford 237, 383, 430- The Lebanon County Historical Society ...

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Prior to 1855 a vast majority of the people in our community spoke Pennsyl- vania-German. D 156 Frederick X'alentine Melsheimer 213 Henry Sylvester Jaeoby.' 222 Ezra E. 273 Abraham Harley Cassell 303 Edgar Fahs Smith, Vice Provost, University of Pennsylvania 346 Philip H. Orth 43 5 David Schuftz: An Old Time "Bush Lawyer".. The Pennsylvania-Germans in Loudoun County, ^ \"irginia 125 Lynn Township and Hs Professional Men.... 17s' U., The Germans 1 80 ' Picturesque and Historic Durham Valley 195 Pennsylvania's Part in Winning the West 205 r The Maternal Grandmother of George Wash- ington 226 ■* Literary Opportunities in Pennsylvania-Ger- ^ many 243 N The Conway Cabal at York, Pennsylvania, C 1777-1778 ..248 ^ Historv of St. 255 ^.^^ VT'ennsylvania-Germans as Teachers of Science vj«i;_ in Private Schools 262 Flax Culture and Its Utility 266 The Pennsylvania-German in Minnesota 277 ^^ The Burning of Chambersburg, Pa 291 V^ The Germans in Franklin County, Pa 307 V^ A lourney Over the Route Travelled by Rev. 559 Folklore and Fiction: William Holler, the Red Man's Terror 29- The Chimes of St. 85 b^ Old-Time Battalion Drills (B'dolya) 106 \ The Gun Makers of Old Northampton no V \'itchcraft 114 A Pennsylvania-Germans as Teachers of Science ^ in Colleges and Universities 121 ^ . 487 Canaling 490 Hiester Homestead in Germany 496 A German Cradle Song 505 Genealogy: .1^ The Fretz Family 68 Descendants of Martin Luther 84 The Nationality of Daniel Boone 141 Schwartz Descendants 145^ Hanjeorg Kistler and His Descendants 173, Ancestors of Daniel Boone 233 , The Maternal Grandmother of Washington 313 The Blickensderfer Family 32z- The Mohr Family 35a- The Smith Family 354 The Glatfelder Family 396 The Shoemaker Family of Shoemakersville, Pa.The timidity that had character- ized the first institutes had partly disap- peared.

Thoughts uttered were well ex- pressed, were practical, and so given that they could not fail to be of great benefit to the less experienced teachers. Adams county had, before the War of the Rebellion, many noble, able and self-sacrificing teachers, both male and female.

Many of the school-buildings were simply relics of bygone ages.