Most intimidating questions

29-Jul-2017 06:25

“You need a higher purpose than just survival,” says Tina Tessina, Ph.D., a Long Beach, Calif., psychotherapist and author of .It may take six months of meditating plus a wilderness trip plus therapy, but collectively those experiences will produce a spark and something will emerge from the process.” Do Your Actions Reflect Your Values?Watch the evening news for a week or check out the online headlines: What gets you most upset?“Once self-confidence and self-esteem are established, you’ll need a challenge to feel satisfied, a way to express your uniqueness and individuality to yourself, to friends, and to the world.” “People think they will feel fulfilled when they check off their list: getting married, having kids, buying a certain house, getting a boat, reaching a certain title or profit level in their business,” says Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph. Then once you rediscover that passion, look for a way to use it to help others.D., author of How to Live Your Life on Purpose What truly moves you and how can you turn that passion into a fulfilling mission in life? “Make a list of everything that gave you pleasure” as a kid and teenager, recommends Jim Donovan, life and business coach and author of . Maybe you can volunteer to coach a basketball league for underprivileged kids.” Donovan teaches personal development strategies to prison inmates every week. “I need the experience as much as they do.” A sense of purpose comes from within and isn’t imposed or chosen from outside, Tessina emphasizes.

But when business is good and your children are getting older, it’s time “to press the reset button and ask, (Need more help?

Everyone’s different, but we’ve outlined some common strategies that can lead each of you to your unique goal. “Your purpose may be your livelihood, or it may have nothing to do with how you make a living.